Ultrasonic Deep Pore Cleansing with Papaya Enzyme

Ultrasonic Deep Pore Cleansing with Papaya Enzyme 
Ultrasonic technology is a medically proven process that uses low frequency vibrations to loosen and remove dead skin cells, debris, black heads and oils from the skin’s surface.

Dermaplaning or microdermabrasion before the ultrasonic deep pore cleansing will make your skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.  Adding LED light therapy after will also increase your results.  This treatment is ideal for those with acne, black heads, dull complexion, in need of a good cleaning and enlarged pores.  Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center suggest’s adding on detox gel for those stubborn black heads.

During the Ultrasonic  Infusion Facial, with a Papaya Enzyme an ultrasonic device sends nourishing ingredients into the skin that help to reduce the appearance of acne, prevent premature aging, and protect against free radicals. The treatment’s also renders skin firmer, tighter, and more defined.  Great before an event!!

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