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Healthy Skin for Life

Every patient’s skin is unique which is why we are able to customize a wide variety of our treatments.

Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center takes the time to advise each of our client’s carefully and independently.  Our experience shows us that an intensive consultation is the only right beginning and the most important basis for a successful treatment.

If you ask us what we think is the most effective beauty treatment, we have a clear answer.  In addition, however there are a whole range of very effective applications to rejuvenate your skin and counteract the effects of our ever-harder day-to-day life. Our team of expertly trained licensed estheticians perform all our skin care treatments.

At Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center you are our client.  Your well-being, your satisfaction, your self-esteem and above all your health is what we address.  That is why we have incorporated Flotation TherapyFull Spectrum Infrared Sauna Therapy and Kangen Water to our Skin Clinic.  We believe that health and wellness and skin care is not “one size fits all,  like you, your body has an individual identity and personality. All anti-aging treatments are performed by a medical esthetician.

We are conveniently located in Mason Ohio,  we cater to women, teenagers as well as men.  Your initial treatment includes consultation, treatment plan and home care product knowledge.  We care for all skin types.  In the last three decades enormous advances have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions. 

To extend the longevity of your treatment effects, we offer personalized selections from top beauty product lines, for in home use between visits. 


Julie Kline is a Licensed Medical Managing Aesthetician, certified in advanced procedures,

She has been in the industry for over 11 years and has trained with well known Plastic Surgeon Dr. Steven Dayan based out of Chicago.

She has advanced training in medical skin care protocols and knowledgeable in key active ingredients to boost your skin care treatments. 

Julie is based on the belief that her customer’s needs are of the utmost importance. She is personally committed to meeting everyone’s needs.

Stephanie is a licensed Managing Aesthetician with 10 years of experience in the aesthetic world.   

She is knowledge in advanced treatment protocols and has advanced education in chemical peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, ant-aging procedures, acne treatments, cryotherapy, thermoclear, and microcurrent treating all skin types and conditions using the most advanced skin care systems on the market today.  

She has been using custom treatments and protocols to individualize each clients experience and results.   

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