Preparing for Your Float and What to Expect During Your Float Experience:

Each Float experience varies on an individual basis, and no two floats are the same.  It is Important to go in with an open mind and be prepared for a unique experience.  The more you float the more profound your experiences get.  You will begin to learn how to float and begin to feel the full float sensation and gain the Best Benefits after 4-5 Float Sessions.

  • Arrive 15 Minutes prior to your Float Time
  • Eat a Small Meal 90 minutes before your Float
  • Avoid Caffeine 4 hours prior to your Float
  • DO NOT where any lotions, oils, make-up (incuding mascara), deodrant, hair gel or hair sprays
  • Avoid Shaving 24 hours before Floating.  The Salt can make a fresh shave uncomfortable
  • Enter the Float Room undress and put in your earplugs before you shower
  • Enjoy a brief shower before your Float to wash off all lotions, oils and hairspray
  • Enter the Pod close the Pod Door lay back and relax turn the lights off to your right and the outside light will go off automatically within 3-5 Minutes after entering the Pod
  • Float and Relax
  • When the circulation starts to run your Float time is over, turn the lights on in the Pod then please exit the Pod carefully
  • Lift Pod door and the lights will automatically go on enter the shower
  • Return to Lobby or proceed to Bathroom for any additional personal care

Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center designed the float pod room to maximize your comfort and provide you with an exceptional experience. The float room contains an extra-large, enclosed Pod with over 1,000 pounds of Medical Grade Epsom Salt dissolved in water and heated to 94.0 degrees. Free from gravity and external stimulation, you are able to relax in a meditative state and sensation from the outside world melts away. Float in serene silence (which is the best way to float) or Listen to soothing music (upon request) in your private room. Enjoy total darkness (which is the best way to float) or customized lighting to fit your mood. Floating offers a multitude of benefits for both mind and body. It is safe, all natural and therapeutic.

Call (513) 913-7373 if you have any questions on Floating or to make an appointment