Mason Skin Clinic’s spray tan formula is consistently Voted “Best of the Best” spray tan by Allure Magazine and color of choice for the sets of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, HBO, Dream works, and Disney it is Simply Flawless spray tan!

Preparing for your Spay Tan:

  • Any waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hours before spray tan
  • Exfoliate the day of your spray tan with a oil free exfoliant product
  • Do not wear any make up the day of your spray tan
  • Do not wear any lotions, oils and excess deodorants you can wear a light lotion if you choose, but do not use “Aveeno Brand Lotion” the day of your spray tan
  • Wear either a Dark swimsuit or under garment’s such as a Thong (some people go topless and a thong or their birthday suit) the day of your spray tan
  • Bring flip flops to your session and where loose clothing the day of your spray tan
  • Bring an Umbrella in Case it is Raining the day of your spray tan

Book your appointment online or call (513) 913-7373 if you have any questions.

Spray Tanning Facts:

Spray tanning is the safest and easiest way to get that gorgeous bronze-glow without damaging your skin to prevent aging

Customized spray tan is applied by a trained professional in 10 minutes

This spray tanning product is superior to other spray tans dries instantly, is not sticky, will not turn orange, light cucumber scent and will fade naturally.

Spray tan will take 8-10 hours to fully develop on your skin. During development phase, avoid contact with water, including sweat.  When at least 8 hours has passed shower for a quick, lukewarm rinse.  Avoid using bar soaps and loofahs.  Pat your skin dry; don’t rub any spray tan solution off. This will keep your spray tan.

The active ingredient in all self-tanners is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA is made from sugarcane) and is FDA Approved

From our clients

The spray tan formula that Julie uses is the best I've used by far. I am incredibly fair-skinned and the color always goes on evenly and stays even after several days-- especially if you stay moisturized. Most recently I was interested in getting a spray tan before my winter vacation. I was nervous that the chlorine, salt water and sand would change the way the overall tan showed up; thankfully, the color lasted the entire trip and did not come off blotchy as days went by. Thanks, Julie!'
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